First Texas Hospital

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Post a Review On Google

  1. Click here to visit our Google+ Local page. The page will display a Reviews section along with several reviews.
  2. In the middle column of the page, you'll see a "Review Summary" box.
  3. Click "Write a Review." Google will ask if you have a Google account.
    • a. If you have a Gmail account you can use your login info for that account.
    • b. Otherwise click the red "Create an account" button and follow the steps to create your Google account.
  4. After you have logged in, Google will return you to our Google+ page. A pop-up box will ask you to rate us and write your review.
  5. Google editors will need to approve your review, so it may not appear for a few days.
  6. Thank you!

Post a Review On Yelp

  1. Note: We love getting reviews on Yelp, but unless you are an active Yelper who has posted reviews of five or more businesses, Yelp will probably filter and hide any review you post. If you are not an active Yelp user, you may want to review us on one of the other sites on this page.
  2. Click here to visit our Yelp page. Below our name, address and phone number, you will see a row of buttons including a “Write a Review” button. Click this.
  3. Yelp will ask you to log into a Yelp Account.
    • If you already have a Yelp Account, you can use your existing login info.
    • Otherwise click the Sign Up button and follow the steps to create an account.
    • Return to our Yelp page again click the “Write a Review” button
  4. Write your review and save it.
  5. Thank you!

Post a Review On Facebook

  1. Click here to visit our Facebook page.
  2. If you are logged into your Facebook account, look for the Reviews section. On a desktop computer, this will be in the right column. Look for the 5 gray stars.
  3. Give us a star rating and write your review.
  4. Click the "Review" button to publish your review.
  5. Thank you!